Is Your Website Sticky Enough?


Website stickyness is the ability to keep your website visitors on your website longer and keep them coming back. It is the art of attracting visitors to your site and to keep them around long enough so that you can develop a relationship with them. When you have a real ’sticky’ website, people will spend more time on it, come back often and will bookmark (add to favorites) your site.

If your website is not sticky, it’s almost pointless to make any effort to get traffic to it. Website stickyness plays a vital role in the conversion rate. The longer the visitors stay at your site, the better chance you have to sell your product or services to them. Once someone visits your site, if you don’t offer what they want, chances are they won’t come back again to your site. One of the best ways to hold the interest of your visitors and bring them back again and again is by giving them a reason to be there in the first place and offer them something of value that can catch their interest. So your main aim is:

  • To motivate your visitors to spend more time exploring your pages
  • Persuade potential customers to keep clicking from page to page
  • Prompt and encourage visitors to return after their first landing

To accomplish the task, the first and foremost thing is to decide the theme and purpose of your website. Stick to the theme of the website and think from the user’s point of view. Tell them what you want to tell but in a manner which is understandable and acceptable by your target audience.
In addition to the products and services, you can also offer your visitors advice, tips or articles on related topics. This helps in getting returning visitors also as your users will use you as a resource and as an expert in your subject area and keep coming back for latest information.

Benefits of a Sticky Website

  • You Develop a One-to-One Relationships with Your Visitors: When visitors stick around and browse through your website, you have the opportunity to develop individual relationships with them. This relationship with your visitors plays a crucial role to your long term business success. Building a one-to-one relationship with your visitors enables you to gain their trust. People will only buy from you if they trust you.
  • Repeat Traffic Means Increased Sales: A sticky website has a higher ratio of repeat visitors which increases their exposure to your products or services – hence more sales. Repeat traffic is the lifeblood of your business.
  • Performance Through Feedback: A sticky website allows you to obtain valuable feedback from your visitors. By judiciously analyzing and applying this feedback you are able to meet consumer needs.

How to Make a Website Sticky?
The thrust of your website is to create an enjoyable and satisfying experience for your visitors which can be done by implementing the points listed below:

  • Make Your Website Simple, Attractive and Consistent: Appearance is the first thing noticed by your users when they visit your site. The look and feel of your website sets the tone for their visit. Keep your site simple and consistent with a uniform appearance. Use the same backgrounds, colors, navigation menu, and site logo throughout your pages.
  • Make The Pages Fast Loading: Visitors tend to leave if they have to wait more than a few seconds for your page to download. If you frustrate them with a long wait, they’ll move on to someone else. The best way to increase download time is by eliminating unnecessary and heavy to load graphics. You can also reduce the file size of the images.
  • Immediately Tell Visitors What You Have To Offer: A sure way to turn visitors away is by not immediately offering them what you’ve got for them. They want to know now and don’t want to hunt for it on your site or click out of your home page to find out. So give them what they want immediately.
  • Keep The navigation Simple: Make it easy for people to navigate within your site. At all times your visitor should know where they are how they got there. All your pages should have a navigation menu linking to the main sections of your site. Provide a hierarchical “You Are Here” navigator to help visitors orient themselves.
  • Keep Your Site Fresh with New Content: Update your content as regularly as possible. You should give your audience a reason to return to your site Even if your site is not content-rich, a key to getting repeat visitors is to offer something new when they return — new graphics, new product information, new offers, new article links, new company news, whatever. If you sell products or offer services, updating your online catalogs and product or services pages regularly will let people know you’re still active in the business.
  • Make Your Site Interactive: Interactivity is now the standard rule for top quality sites. Provide your users with ways to interact with your site to make their experience enjoyable. You can add a poll, host a discussion board, or put up an audio version of your latest article. You can also ask for their feedback.
  • Test your labels and links: Before making your website live, put it through a usability test. Watch a live customer click page by page through your site to see if it’s intuitive. It’s essential to learn whether the labels you’ve come up with make as much sense to your audience as they do to you. Also use phrases or call-to-action sentences instead of one-word labels for your active links.
  • Fine Tune Your Site: Always fine-tune your site after launching it. You can take user’s feedback and behavior to enhance your website. Your website may be perfect from your point of view but this may not hold true for your visitors. They might look for something else or the same thing in a different fashion. Always respect the user’s feedback and work towards delivering them what they want. You can also take the advise of an SEO consultant and web analyst to analyse the metrics.

In conclusion, you must stay in touch with your target group’s needs and format your site in interesting and useful ways. Establish trust in your users and empower them. Although it does take some work on your part but trust me, you will find it’s a lot more effective to achieve your goals in an effective manner.

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