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Why WooCommerce Is Useful For An e-Store?

There are many tools available online today that can help a business do well in online marketing. Since for ecommerce websites the internet is the main, if not only, playing ground for their marketing campaigns, their owners need to know about the best tools and plugins out there that can help them do better. To market an ecommerce store you can always hire SEO outsourcing company or PPC firm but to ensure it does well overall you need to have the right strategies in place and there are some tools that can help you in this exact goal.

The WooCommerce plugin is one such tool of WordPress that has proved very useful for e-store owners. This can help you design a wonderful e-store online which has better chances of engaging and converting visitors. Some main benefits of this plugin include:

  • It is free to use- While there are some extensions and options that are paid but for smaller e-store owners they might be happy to know that WooCommerce is mostly free to use
  • It has numerous extensions available for a person to design a high quality e-store that not only looks good but also ensures better results
  • It is not that hard to use and can be learned relatively easily
  • There are a number of readymade designs also for you to choose from
  • It is also a flexible tool to use

These are just few of the many benefits of using this plugin.

For any e-store that is looking to use WooCommerce and SEO together it should always hire a competent WooCommerce SEO expert. With all things in place an e-store stands to see better quality results

Useful SEO Tips For Travel Websites

Every kind of business now needs a good online presence to ensure better results. Similar is the case for travel websites. A travel company basically provides travel packages and other such services to people and for it to do more business it needs more and more people to visit its website. One method which makes this possible is SEO. Using travel SEO services, a website can not only gain more visibility on search engine results pages but also attract more people towards its main page.

For quality travel SEO solutions, a business can always outsource SEO to hire qualified professionals. Along with this here some useful tips that you can use to ensure better organic optimizations:

  • Go local first- Local SEO is the best thing especially for smaller companies and a travel website must first optimize for this now
  • It is not always that English content can do the job for you. With local optimizations in place you can also now try to use local languages for your content strategy. This will not only help give a boost to your local optimizations but also improve your conversion rates
  • Instead of trying to sell all your locations why not give more preference to your most popular ones. Create separate pages for them and make use of quality videos, images and content
  • Your social media profiles can not only enhance your SEO but also improve your overall performance
  • Maps, location targeting all these are some of the new options out there so make use of them

These are some actionable SEO tips that a travel website can make use of.

New Tool Added By Google To Search Results

Google it seems has again added something new to its search results. This is a tool that is added to help people that are suffering from depression.

When a user now searches using keywords like “depression” or “clinical depression” on their mobile phones, they are shown a Knowledge Panel which has the option of “check if you are clinically depressed”. On clicking on this option, users are taken to a clinically validated questionnaire which acts as a test to judge a person’s level of depression.

Initially on searching these words Google would just give the panel with information like symptoms and treatments and advice to see a doctor. This is the same now with the added option to take the depression screening test which is known as PHQ-9.

This initiative has been taken by Google in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This helps ensure that this test is accurate and can prove useful.

It has been seen that only half the people that actually suffer from depression go in for treatments and this is the main reason why Google added this tool to its search. This will help increase awareness and maybe ensure that more people get treated.

This is one great feature and maybe a start towards helping people with depression get better.

If you are looking to utilise the full potential of SEO, it’s advisable to hire an Outsource SEO Company to get high search engine ranks. Agencies providing Small Business SEO Services are a great help to reap SEO benefits.

Great Online Tools To Use For Your Travel SEO

There are many travel websites out there today that make use of SEO to promote themselves more effectively online. While this is one of the most useful methods to promote any company online, there is a lot of competition too when it comes to gaining good ranks on Google. This is why many travel companies now choose to outsource SEO so that they can get some of the best travel SEO services that actually yield results.

There is no doubt that outsourcing SEO to a competent digital agency is a great way to ensure quality services for your travel website but there is no harm in knowing about some great tools online that can improve your SEO efforts. Following is a list of such tools (some free some paid) that prove useful for travel SEO:

  • For keyword research- Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Soovle, Wordstream are some great tool to use. Remember to use keywords that are relevant and also look into using long tail keywords
  • For analytics- Google analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Click Analytics. These tools can help track progress and give you good insight to how your site is performing
  • Technical tools- With your analytics and keywords at hand you can use tools like Pingdom, Web Page Test, Screaming Frog to improve your website’s technical aspects.
  • Tools for competitors’ analysis- Search metrics, SEMRush, Keywords Eye are some tools that can help analyze your competition
  • Link building tools- Open site explorer, Majestic SEO, Buzzstream tools that can help you get good links for your site

There are many other such useful tools available online that can help take care of different aspects of your travel SEO efforts. So be sure to make use of them, so that your SEO can get good results and improve your website performance. Choose an outsource SEO company wisely to achieve best results.

Some Great Things You Can Do With Your Woocommerce Site

Ever since the WordPress plugin Woocommerce has made it easier for e-store owners to make a webpage to sell their products, many have started making use of it. With dedicated Woocommerce SEO experts and a good website stores have even started seeing good results. But there is still more to woocommerce that many marketers do not know about. Both free and paid options are available with this plugin which has help enhance the performance of your webpage and even improve SEO.

While having dedicated SEO expert work for you can open a plethora of ideas to explore in woocommerce, here are some things that you also need to know about:

  • There is a products widget available that can help your main products stand out and attract more people easily. You can even choose which are your primary products which you want to be promoted the most
  • Adding variations to your products may be a common thing but you can even add an individual image to each of your variations and thus, do no have to depend on your text all the time
  •  There is even a product label extension present that can help you add labels to your product image thumbnails
  • There are even options that can help you modify your in –site search to make it more user friendly
  • There are also many filter options that can help group your products better
  • If you do not want reviews for certain products then there is a feature that can even prevent reviews from being added by users

There are many other such great features in Woocommerce that you can explore and see better results.


The Qualities A Competent SEO Agency Should Possess

It is a tough race out there for top ranks in Google search results. Businesses are trying hard to get as many relevant customers to their site as possible. With this in mind they are putting more efforts behind their SEO and thus, looking for digital agencies that they can outsource to. Experienced SEO experts can turn the tide for any business and help get good ranks on SERPs and all the benefits that come along with it.

When looking for high quality, effective and reputed outsource SEO services the first thing to do is find a competent SEO firm, only then can you expect the right results. Sure hiring a top ranked site on Google search results is an option but you also need to look for certain qualities in the SEO firm before deciding to hire it.  These qualities include:

  • The latest techniques- The techniques of SEO are always updating and changing, it is not always that what worked last year will get you results this year. Thus, the company should be aware of the latest in digital marketing
  • The team- The SEO professionals of such companies should be skilled and experienced. They should be in sync with the recent Google Algorithm changes
  • The strategy and commitments- The agency should be able to lay out a good plan for your entire SEO and what results it looks to achieve. The commitments made should be realistic and achievable
  • The methodology- Sure using Black Hat SEO can get you good results in quick time but if caught you can spiral down to oblivion. Thus, it is important that the agency you hire uses only ethical methods for its SEO
  • Timely results and monthly reporting- Another thing the company should be able to provide you with along with overall support for your SEO.

Any SEO company that possesses these qualities is a good choice to outsource to hire SEO expert.

Staying ahead in SEO in 2017

It is a fast growing world out there and unless a business keeps in step with the latest around, it might have a problem competing with others. This is especially the case when it comes to digital marketing, methods like SEO are updating regularly with new tools and trends coming up. Where few years back SEO was just based on how well you optimize things are now more user oriented.

Google which is the top targeted search engine for SEO is always launching something new or updating itself, subtly in most cases. This is why businesses using organic optimizations need to have competent SEO expert India working for it, so that they can get the latest solutions. When looking to hire SEO expert you can always reach out to a competent outsource SEO Company, but remember to only hire people that are skilled and in step with the recent trends.

With 2017 also entering its second half there is a lot that SEO saw this year as well. The main of which being:

  • Optimizing for mobile on a priority basis and taking advantage of accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
  • This is the year where user experience optimizations emerged as a big ranking factor
  • Voice search is the next big thing now
  • Local SEO is bigger than ever, especially with the growing popularity of “near me” searches
  • Content is still a strong booster for better SEO results and visual content has increased in importance
  • “If you are not doing it for the users you’re not doing it right” this is the success mantra of SEO now

Using these trends to its advantage any business can do well in SEO in 2017

SEO Tips for Better Results

Online marketing today has become very competitive. Especially when it comes to a site like Google more and more companies are fighting for top ranks on its results pages. SEO is a method that all such companies use to gain those high ranks.

For the best SEO services many businesses now go for outsource SEO solutions as this way they get to hire SEO expert India who can provide them with comprehensive and innovative solutions. Though hiring a professional is a great way to ensure proper results, here are few simple tips that you can follow to increase chances of success:

  • Optimize titles, URL and descriptions on your website- This is a pretty important thing to do and cannot be avoided. Go through your website and see where there is room for improvement, this is the foremost step to ensure better results
  • Your content should be fresh, engaging and useful to the user. Top search engines today prefer quality content which provides value to the user and keeps them engaged
  • Page speed is essential as today many users don’t have the time to wait for a page to open. If your website loading speed is slow it can lead to people turning away to faster websites. Thus, try and reduce loading time, also, page speed is now a ranking factor.
  • Implement Google authorship- All a business needs for this is a Google+ profile which is linked to its content. Also be active on this social platforms like Facebook an Twitter
  • Register your website with Google and Bing webmaster tools

These few simple steps if followed can help you get better SEO results.

Travel SEO Tips to Help Your Business Do Well Online

The internet today has become an important resource for people. Using it they are able to buy items, connect with others and even search for any particular business or service. With more people now using search engines like Google to find what they need, SEO has come out to be a widely used method of promoting any business online. This is because using SEO any company can rank high on Google result pages and this way attract more people.


When it comes to travel companies, they too have a lot to gain from organic optimizations. From getting the relevant leads to better online visibility, competitive advantage and a chance to gain more customers all this is provided by SEO for travel businesses. If you too want such results for your travel website then you also need to hire a dedicated SEO expert from a reliable travel SEO services company. With such professionals on the job you can gain so much using SEO. Other than this here are a few extra tips that can make your travel website more SEO friendly so that you can achieve better results:

  • Be sure to make your site mobile friendly- This is the most essential thing today as people usually make use of their smart phones and tablets to search for travel services. You website might rank high on result pages but if it does not work well on smaller screens then people will move on to other options.
  • Get travel blogging- Not only will this be a great way to get information to users but it will help build better links as well. Also, if you have quality content on your website and on other resources these can give a good boost to your overall SEO
  • When writing content be sure to use keywords in a proper manner. Do not over stuff and place them where it seems natural and not forced
  • Have good visual content on your site. Images, videos, diagrams and infographics are a great way to keep users engaged
  • Optimize for local SEO first as search engines like Google are now focused on presenting more location specific results to users.

These few tips to do SEO for travel websites can help your travel business do well online.


Benefits of Using Woocommerce for e-Stores

Online businesses have a lot to gain from digital marketing methods like PPC and SEO. Especially ecommerce websites whose main playground is the internet, can get a lot of benefits from either of these methods. But since PPC is little more expensive usually smaller e-stores go in for SEO. Search engine optimization has always been a good method for increasing a company’s online visibility. With a high rank on search result pages of Google an e-store can look to achieve better results and gain more customers.

With the increasing competition in online marketing, it has also become essential for e-stores to try something new in order to stay ahead. New tools and trends are coming up on a regular basis and if an e-store is quick to use these things it can achieve good ranks and beat competition as well. One very useful tool for e-stores using SEO today is Woocommerce. This is a WordPress plugin that offers a range of benefits for ecommerce websites and their SEO efforts.  When looking to use this plugin an e-store should look to hire a reputable Woocommerce SEO company. This way it can get some of the best Woocommerce SEO services.  Some main benefits of using Woocommerce include:

  • It is free and can help make selling easy online
  • It is a part of WordPress thus, can be easily used
  • It is also very secure and has a professional look to it
  • It helps in analytics and ensures that you keep track of your e-store
  • It has a range of great customization options and is very flexible as well
  • Since content is very useful for SEO, this plugin can also help in better content marketing

Thus, in order to ensure that you get great ecommerce SEO results why not try using Woocommerce plugin.

You may also outsource the job to a good offshore partner. Most of the reputable outsourcing companies have expertise in handling just projects and they may help you get the best results for your Woocommerce site. In India, there are many affordable outsource SEO companies who offer Woocommerce SEO services at budget friendly prices.