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PPC Tips For Doing Well In 2017

Like any other online marketing method Pay per click too sees its share of updates and changes and this is something marketers need to be on top of if they want good results. 2017 also saw many new things being added to the world of digital marketing and there is a lot more still to come.

Businesses today should know that in order to get quality PPC management services India, their first need is to hire experienced and reliable PPC expert professionals. Only then will they be able to launch effective campaigns and even invest their money at the proper place. Also using tools like Google AdWords is not everyone’s cup of tea and it is best that a professional handles this.

For any company that wants to do well in PPC this year here are a few great tips:

  • Targeting that is based on device- It is no longer that the strategy you have for desktop will work on mobiles or tablets. Today you need to go for device level targeting and marketing to ensure better quality results
  • AD extensions and the new era of twin headlines is here and you thus, need to change your older methods and adopt these as soon as possible. There are great tips for better ad extensions and headlines online as well
  • Remarketing has become a big weapon in any businesses arsenal, mainly for e-stores. There are many new ways that a company can remarket and improve its conversion rates
  • Audience targeting is not the same anymore and needs to be done using the latest options if you want to stand a chance of gaining better sales

These are some of the main updates and tips to improve your PPC this year.

Benefits of Using Adwords for Paid Advertising

When it comes to marketing any business online, one of the most useful and beneficial method is pay per click. Using PPC a company can attract the right people towards its website and improve its chances of gaining customers. Sure PPC management services requires a bigger investment to be put in, but if it is performed by experts it has a lot of great advantages to it as well.

Google is a top used search engine today and Adwords is a PPC tool associated with it. With the help of Adwords a marketer can launch paid ad campaigns on Google and greatly improve its chances of successful promotions. In order to use this tool it is also important to have PPC experts working for you as only these professionals know how to best use it to launch effective campaigns. To hire these professionals you can always reach out to a competent Google Adwords management services company India.

While there are many other tools of PPC online some main benefits of using Google Adwords include:

  • It helps measure every aspect of your marketing campaign so that you know where you money is being used and if it is being well-spent
  • It is one of the most cost effective tool of paid advertising as you only pay when your ad gets clicked
  • There are many options available on Adwords that help you target people better so that you get more relevant clicks. These include mobile targeting, location targeting, ad scheduling and language targeting
  • It also has the option of remarketing
  • It is a flexible marketing platform and using this tools you can get quality results in quick time and even a good ROI

Thus, if you too are looking to market your business using PPC then Adwords is a great platform that can help you be successful.

Google Adwords’ Recent Changes Put Big Impact On Paid Campaign & ROI

Google is always experimenting and look for an advancement to endow a super search engine experience for the users. But each and everything has its own positive and negative sides which truly impacts on the consequences so we are going to discuss in this blog what are the impact of these changes which have been made by the Google recently in Adwords.

The biggest search engine of the world changed the layout and search results making some changes in both Adwords and Google Analytics, including “mobile first” bidding support and longer text ads and more. In Google performance summit of annual event where key Adwords and Google Analytics customers, new features, product plans, research and more things had been shared. Google Adwords is great for the businesses to sell products.

So the change in Google Adwords is affecting the layout of search results. In the right-hand sidebar, there no any search result will display. About four search ads will display at the top of the search results page above organic search. However, around seven organic search results will be down to paid search results. Furthermore, Google can show sometimes Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in the right sidebar but for all purposes, you can say goodbye to the old right sidebar search results.

What Should We Expect

Google Adwords advertisers should expect an unusual ride in the weeks that has to come because with this move Google has reduced the number of search slots on the results page for up to 11 down to 7. Demand will be high, especially for ad positions 1 4. Advertisers who are looking for this coveted position should pay more as CTR for these positions seems to also be going up onto 14x by some accounts.

So prepare yourself to increase your cost per click (CPC) as demand increases, and be sure that you are assiduously tracking conversion and ROI to ascertain that you are not a loser of these changes. Paid campaigner will be a winner from these changes of Google Adwords Despite doing plenty of SEO work you cannot get high rank overnight but from the bidding and buy a top position from Adwords can get a higher rank overnight

Impact of Paid Campaign PPC

Data across thousands of industry accounts which determined evidently that side and bottom ads account is just about 14.6 percent of total clicks. However, ads in the top get 14x higher click-through rate than the same ad for the same keyword on the right side. While Ads in the top positions get 14X higher click through rate than the same ad for the same keyword on the right side.

We need to know that such changes only will impact on the desktop which now less than half of all searches; So really, this will put an impact on 7.3 percent of queries.

Wait, You should also know that the Adwords ads will continue to display at the bottom of the SERPs. So, now we’re discussing much less than 7.3 percent of clicks being impacted by the change.

Apparently, including the fourth ad spot, and up to three ads showing below the organic search results, that’s the same as we did reorganize the naming of ad positions.

Moreover, two-thirds of SERPs even now have less than four ads above the organic results, so there’s plenty of space to offset those “lost” impressions and clicks.

Also, there are significant incremental advantages for PPC marketers. For example, now all ads may use call out extensions, site link extensions, location extensions that were earlier only a benefit of top  of  page ads.

Furthermore, the ads appear more highlighted and native can prove beneficial for search advertisers, now that many searchers can’t tell the difference between organic and paid results.

Finally, PPC marketers are the winners in this regard. This change solves the top versus side ads issue, where sometimes your ads include extensions, and sometimes don’t.

As far as I can see that no impact on Adwords auction dynamics such as clicks, impressions, CPCs and so on. These changes are well balanced. Yet search ads haven’t seen a noticeable change in cost-per-click:

Changes Will Affect Natural Search and ROI

This change will put the enormous impact on natural search performance. On the computer screen only the first natural search result will display above the fold. Users need to scroll down the screen to get more. That’s why competition would be high to secure first natural search position. Now the chase for this slot will be even tougher from now onwards. Some sites will have to redouble their efforts to get better results of SEO. Hence, the full extent of the impact of this latest Google Adwords change is not clear, so don’t try to make mistakes.

As we discussed that paid campaigners will be a winner side of the changes and for sure they will get high returns from the clicks. Just you have to start tracking your Adwords performance to set up conversion tracking. By this, you will be in a much better position to ensure your Adwords is really driving ROI. So we can assume that paid campaign can be resourceful for your site.


Okay, so this might be a revolutionary change or we will have to see some more changes in the future but accept this as a big change. From my point of view, you don’t need to be panic. As we are expecting this is reasonably well for the vast majority of PPC advertisers will enjoy better luck than before. Obviously, some may be a loser, same things happen with every change, some changes are good some are bad for someone, you just have to give your total to be successful.

5 Most Effective Tips on Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis is the first and foremost task towards an effective SEO campaign. If done correctly, half the battle is won. Expert keyword research is the foundation to a successful SEO campaign.

Real keyword research requires not only research but analysis also. There are so many aspects of keyword research and analysis that can get amazing results and can not be left to chance.

Integrating SEO with SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a division of online marketing that seeks to promote any website by increasing its online presence and/or its visibility in Search Engine Result Pages. Some of the methods or techniques which are being used for SEM are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), sponsored or paid listings (PPC), online banner advertisement, affiliate marketing etc.