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Search Engine Ranking: Is It Enough to Generate Online Business?

Wanted_More_LeadsTo rank well in the top SERPs does not fulfill the pre-requisites of business generation in the virtual world. A top ranking site with less or no reputation at all is likely to generate much lesser traffic or leads as compared to a website with good credibility and brand presence.

Your online reputation says a lot about you or your firm. This decides the fate of the business you are likely to generate through Internet. Your online reputation is the complete picture a prospect can access by visiting your website or by typing your name into their Web browser and reading what has been said about you.

The Power of Branding


A very famous proverb goes: What is in a name? A rose will still smell the same, even if it is called by another name!

However, with the advent of latest technology and changing trends, the time has come when we need to do some rethinking. Today, everything is online and virtual: virtual money, online business and so name or rather Branding is the most important facet for anything. Not just any business, but for any particular entity, branding is the key word. A brand is the identity of an entity. Just think of Marilyn Monroe and the first thing that comes in your mind is flying skirt. When we talk about online business, the brand identity is the foundation for building a relationship with your customer beyond product, distribution, pricing, or location of your business. It plays an integral part behind the success of any product. Brand is the relationship that secures future earnings by securing customer loyalty.