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Some Great Things You Can Do With Your Woocommerce Site

Ever since the WordPress plugin Woocommerce has made it easier for e-store owners to make a webpage to sell their products, many have started making use of it. With dedicated Woocommerce SEO experts and a good website stores have even started seeing good results. But there is still more to woocommerce that many marketers do not know about. Both free and paid options are available with this plugin which has help enhance the performance of your webpage and even improve SEO.

While having dedicated SEO expert work for you can open a plethora of ideas to explore in woocommerce, here are some things that you also need to know about:

  • There is a products widget available that can help your main products stand out and attract more people easily. You can even choose which are your primary products which you want to be promoted the most
  • Adding variations to your products may be a common thing but you can even add an individual image to each of your variations and thus, do no have to depend on your text all the time
  •  There is even a product label extension present that can help you add labels to your product image thumbnails
  • There are even options that can help you modify your in –site search to make it more user friendly
  • There are also many filter options that can help group your products better
  • If you do not want reviews for certain products then there is a feature that can even prevent reviews from being added by users

There are many other such great features in Woocommerce that you can explore and see better results.