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Establishing Credibility with Returning Visitors


The main objective of businesses while getting into Search Engine marketing is driving traffic to their websites and getting higher ranks in the SERPs. Full effort goes into driving new visitors to their websites and almost all SEO strategies devised by webmasters revolve around this objective. Perhaps this is the greatest mistake the webmasters and business owners can make. It is a fact that new visitors help in pepping up the traffic influx of a website but one can not ignore the importance of old or returning visitors.

Are You Fulfilling the Purpose of Your Website?

whereamiLife has a purpose and so a website has. The purpose of your website depends solely on what you want to achieve through it. Let’s examine concepts behind various types of Web sites as you look for the model that fits your organization the best.

  • Advertisement
  • Prospect Generation
  • Direct Sales
  • Business-to-Business Sales
  • Customer Support
  • Education

How To Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

making-your-website-mobile-friendlyNow a days mobile phones have become one of the most essential gadgets of our everyday life and it is almost impossible to think our lives without these handy gadgets. Gone are the days when these small pretty gadgets were used to make calls and send receive messages only. Today these are one stop solution and with these devices we can fulfil our communication and computing needs, listen to music on the go, shoot amazing pictures, get connected with friends and family and what not. With all these development in the offerings, one thing that has emerged very rapidly is the need of mobile web.

Why Do Good SEOs Cost So Much?


Working as an SEO consultant, many times I have come across situations where I have to explain why an SEO needs to devote sufficient hours consistently on any website to rank it on top SERPs and also maintain its position. The two most important concerns and demands raised by the clients are:

  • Show me the result in one month
  • Why should I pay so much for something which is so simple and when I can get the (same services)? at a cheaper cost?

Well to answer the first question, I have simply one thing to say that SEO is not a rocket science. Every recipe has a minimum cooking time and to prepare a wholesome and delicious meal (read great SEO results), one needs to put hours, days and months of hard work and consistent efforts.  There are definitely many ways and techniques that are categorized as black hat SEO techniques, which may help you to get quick results, but one thing is sure. These results are not long lasting and your website is definitely going to be penalised the moment search engines find out the trick. Every SEO consultant who practices white hat ethical SEO approach would not approve of these techniques and will require a minimum time frame to show you the results. Have faith in them and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

5 Key Points for a Successful Internet Marketing Plan


To market a website on the internet successfully, proper planning is very necessary. You should always prepare the internet marketing strategy before starting optimization and promotion of any website. I believe that search engine optimization and internet marketing are two different concepts and we should not mix the two. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique by which you prepare a search engine friendly website according to the guidelines provided by the Search Engines. Along with these, the SEO process lifecycle also includes other techniques such as building link popularity, enhancing website usability etc. You can also take the help of an SEO consultant who can guide you to create an SEO friendly website based on the recommendations of webmaster and technical guidelines of the search engines.

When talking about Internet marketing, it majorly deals with marketing your products or services through your search engine optimized website. This not only includes attracting huge targeted traffic (prospects) to come to your online business card (website) but also maximizing your ROI by encouraging them to buy your products or hire your services. I believe that every business is unique so every Internet marketing plan should be unique that can fulfill the purpose of the business. However there are 5 key points that can help create a successful internet marketing plan for any business which are as follows:

A. Multiple Marketing Strategies

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket and employ only one marketing strategy. The strategies and plans differ based on the industry, the product or simply the company policy. So, ultimately you have to decide the factors to be considered and techniques to be adopted.

B. Be Consistent

Maintaining a balance between the techniques is very important. Also, consistency is the key to success. So whatever plans you make, stick to it and keep working on it. Always set a clear daily, weekly, monthly and yearly marketing plan for your website and stick to it.

C. Cross Checking and Test Marketing

Keep on checking and testing your web site marketing strategies continuously to see which one works best for you. Eliminate those that are not profitable.

D. Adopt New Techniques

Online marketing is a field which is continuously growing. Daily new things are evolving and a new methodology is invented. So be dynamic. Keep on adopting new methods as per the requirement and eliminate the outdated ones.

E. Stick to The Basics

Adopting new techniques and eliminating outdated ones does not mean forgetting the basics. Of course, the trends keep on changing but there are certain basic thumb rules which you should never forget. Use the new methods as enhancements of your marketing plan. Always stick to the basics.