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Small Business SEO Tools and Tips

seo-cost2Small businesses today have seen how useful it is to market themselves online. Not only can they target the right people through the internet but also spread word around faster and more effectively.

SEO has always been a great way to promote small businesses online and if you have the right professionals working for you this method can even help you compete with the big guns. Small business SEO services are offered by many but only a competent and experienced digital marketing agency can ensure that you get the best results and benefits from this method.  SEO India services are counted amongst the best as here there are many competent SEO professionals who utilize innovative means to get the desired results. This is why India is also a leading outsourcing hub for digital marketing.

Though many small companies today make use of SEO, they are still unaware of how to best go about such optimizations.  For this purpose here are a few great tips and tools for better small business SEO:

Tools To Use:

  • Moz Open site Explorer:  Moz Site Explorer is a  tool that can help you get the most out of your link building activities. It provides you with top ranking keywords for your site and also pages with the highest authority
  • Google Keyword Planner:  This is no surprise, as Google has always been a top targeted search engine by many, it is pretty clear that businesses should use tools related to this site. Google keyword planner helps you find ad groups, gives keywords ideas and even give statistical data on them. This is just few of the many things this tool can do for you
  • SEMrush: Though mainly for SEO professionals, SEM Rush has many benefits for small businesses too. It can help give you keywords that your website ranks for and this way tell you which keywords are best to optimize for. It can even provide competitor information
  • Google Trends: A great tool that can tell you about keywords to use for a certain time period. Google Trends mainly helps you find keywords that can be beneficial for you during certain trends. For example- If you sell clothes, it can help you find the best keywords to use for winter season
  • Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog helps you find out about the main issues with your site so that you can fix them.

Some Great Tips:

  • Optimize your website to be fast loading and make use of visual media like image and videos
  • Set up a Google My business account
  • Have a mobile friendly website as well
  • Use social media to your advantage
  • Try and get as many customer reviews as you can
  • Have your contact information and address on every page
  • Create your content for people and do not copy paste
  • Have an appropriate link strategy in place
  • Hire professionals for the job

These few tools and tips if used correctly can do wonders for your small business SEO efforts.

SEO Advice for Travel Sites

Wanted_More_LeadsWhen it comes to marketing any company online, SEO is one of the top methods that anyone would go for.  From e-commerce sites to travel companies SEO has a range of benefits for any type of business, given that it is performed in an effective manner.  Effective in regards to SEO means, that everything from on page to off page optimizations, link building and even content posting is taken care of in the best possible way at the hands of experts.

Many people today use search engines to plan their travels and find the best deals. Seeing this it is evident that travel sites have a lot to gain through SEO. Not only will ranking high get them more website traffic but this will also improve their credibility and chances to gain more customers.

Since the main purpose of a travel site is to present users with services to plan their vacation, there are certain things one needs to be mindful of when performing SEO for such websites. Thus, for this purpose here are a few tips for travel SEO:

  • Make sure that your site is mobile friendly: Today people use smart phones to search everything and this has led to mobile searches overtaking desktop searches. For a travel website that has numerous search options and other such things it has to be mobile friendly in order to provide users a good experience when using their sites on a smaller screens. This is one of the most important things to do for better travel SEO results
  • Use keywords that suit your services: When searching keywords to use for your SEO be very diligent. People have different search patterns, some search for places to visit, others vacation spots or hotels and travel reservations. All these can be used as keywords for optimizations of travel sites. You can even look in to using long tail keywords
  • When describing a place or your services or anything else you need to have fresh content that is engaging and presents some value to the user
  • You can even use videos to your advantage and even images: Such media is a great way to keep clients engaged and also let them actually see what you are offering
  • Customer reviews are a gold mine of content and a travel website having good reviews has a big advantage. Users today tend to look for reviews before making any reservations and thus, a travel website should look to garner as much reviews it can from its previous clients.
  • Social media is a great way to drive traffic to a travel website and it can even boost SEO.

These few simple tips are great for ensuring success for travel SEO services and even increase their customer numbers and ROI. Many SEO services India companies take advantage of these techniques to get better search engine results for travel agencies.

Keywords Research? Yes Please!

Keyword-ResearchThere’s no doubt about the fact that your site should rank high than your competitors on Google, But, what if you don’t have idea about SEO and tricks that how you will get your e-commerce site on the top? If you’re slipping out from clicks, then you’re probably missing out sales.
It does not matter you just get started with a new website or improving an existing one, this blog guides you to some tactical suggestions for stepping forward to your SEO game.

Do Research

Before doing any exercise on your SEO work [on-site or off-site], you have to start with doing research – on keywords & research on competitors.


Doing adequate research on a particular keyword is the most important piece of SEO. Targeting the wrong keywords may spoil your campaign by generating low traffic & fewer conversions, and no business likes that!

Keyword Research

You need to focus on three primary segments while conducting keyword research:

1. Produce keywords for your homepage & product pages

When times come to optimize the most necessary pages of your website, you must consider respective search volume, & ranking difficulty.

I recommend going for keywords which are highly relevant to your brand & services, that could have a high exact search volume in Google’s free AdWords Keyword tool, and which faces a low difficulty score from Moz’s keyword tool.

Search terms

If you carefully don’t create keywords, then you will remain far from broad or too competitive. If the competition is too hard, you might end up with a high bounce rate & low conversion rate owing to people who click through to your site & not finding what they look for? More so, go after keywords along with high competition, it will take a long time to grab a higher ranking.

For example, if you manufacture RO machine water filters, you should avoid broad keywords like “purified natural water” or “organic filtered water,” as this is not special keywords for people who are looking for RO machines. Also, these keywords have tough competition, and your site, perhaps won’t rank for them against big manufacturers.

2. Pinpoint keywords for blog topics

Creating an article that can assist in ranking high for your e-commerce business for additional keywords which might have no place on your main website. Moreover, it can capitalize on long-tail keywords for your blog.

Note: – What is a long-tail keyword anyway? This is a unique search term that people use to find content online. It comprises more than one word.

3. Avoid keyword scratch

Keyword scratch occurs during multiple pages of the same website works to rank for the same keyword.

The problem with it is quite confusing to the search engines. You end up forcing them to select which page is more necessary for that particular keyword in a group of WebPages. It slacks your ability to gain traffic for specific keyword.”

So, what does it mean? This means you need not even write a blog post by using a keyword that you target on for one of the pages of the main portion of an ecommerce website.

What is SEO and How It Works?

myimageWhat is SEO?

SEO is the short form of search engine optimization, a technique that triggers the traffic on websites. It improves the ranking of your content on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. In digital marketing SEO is a common technique proficient for internet marketing.

Why does it matter?

SEO friendly websites increase the visibility of the website on search engines on basis of their content; these results are organic and earned which means these are not paid advertisements on the web. For example, if you search with ‘ABC’ on Google all contents relevant to ‘ABC’ will show first in the result list, because the content of your search is SEO based. This helps the website to reach their target audience easily and also the searcher gets the relevant content at one go.

Worldwide people are using the internet for generating money, they have found that a creative content easily ranks at the top of search engines result; in short, they have saved money instead of buying an advertisement.

How does it work?

SEO is no rocket science it’s simple and yet logical. It is used to ensure that customer can easily find their desired results in the vast ocean of web contents. A good SEO expert always puts logic first to build a robust strategy.

Check the following for better understanding:

  1. Content: Your website content should qualify the high standards. The website must be functional and proficient for usage. Include keywords on images, for better response. The functional website generates more traffic that results in lead generation.
  1. Keyword: This is the backbone of SEO because people search with words on search engines for desired results. Research your keyword well and do not forget to mention them in your content. There are SEO tools available like Google AdWords, where you can research your keyword and also check the keyword density.
  1. Links: It is very important to keep your customers engaged in your website; here links are the most effective. Do interlink your articles on your website, so that the customers can  get desired results. This will improve your traffic.
  1. Plagiarism: Plagiarism is copy pasting your content from different websites. This is highly unprofessional and reflects as negative SEO copy. Never ever copy your web content from other sites as this will affect the ranking on search engines and you will lose ranking and traffic.
  1. Update: Keep updating your website for desired SEO results with the latest trend of keyword usage. Never change the domain name, as this has negative effects on SEO, also use specific keyword related domain name for better results.

SEO is one of the most potential internet marketing strategies that help to cut down the advertising cost. Using simple SEO techniques can boost the traffic to your website. One may also join an advanced SEO course to learn the nitty gritties of the techniques.

Understand The Mindset Of Social Media Users Before Using SMO Techniques

The term Social Media Optimization (SMO) is one of the latest techniques used in the area of digital or online marketing. Through this trendy technique, online marketers can promote their businesses through many social media platforms. However, these business owners need to know the mindset of the people who use these platforms.

  • Targeting the right audience

Before knowing the mindsets of the people from the social media, an online marketer needs to understand whom they are targeting. One can also find out the reasons for which these people use these specific platforms and so on. Such inputs will go a long way in understanding the mindset of the prospective clients.

  • People who use social media

Every computer user who has his or her social media account can be judged as a techno savvy person. Here an online marketer needs to know the right target for his or her business as all users cannot become the buyers of products or services. Hence knowing the targeted clients is vital in order to plan the SMO strategies.

  • Techniques used to convince the targeted people

After knowing the right audiences it is indeed important to attract them for the campaigns by using the right techniques while optimizing the websites. Some eye-catching mood-creating slogans need to be used during the campaigns. Using interactive tools will surely be handy here in attracting the right clients.

In order to get the right answers for some of the questions stated above one can join the SMO training or a digital marketing course offered by various institutes across India.


Small Business SEO Tips That Prove Useful

seo-expertSearch engine optimization is still a top contender when it comes to a business marketing itself online. This method has numerous perks for any business, if performed effectively. Even for small businesses now SEO provides a range of benefits.

With the focus of providing more relevant answers to users, leading search engines like Google today have started showing results according to the geographic locations from which the query is being made from. For example- a person searching for flower delivery in Delhi will not be shown flower services of Noida, first but of shops that offer such services in the nearby vicinity. Thus, for local businesses now getting ranked higher has become easier as long as optimizations are carried out properly. This is why one should look to hire a professional firm for small business SEO services. Either this or another great option is hiring a professional SEO expert or even an outsource SEO company in India. But whatever you choose the goal should be getting the best organic optimization solutions.

 Some useful tips when it comes to SEO for small businesses include:

  • Do comprehensive keyword research- It is important to find keywords that are relevant to what your business is offering otherwise they are of no use. There are tools available online that can help you find keywords that are being searched for both nationally and locally. It is also important to note that sometimes the keywords that can be beneficial to you will not be the most popular ones but nonetheless using them can be good for your online marketing strategy. Also make use of long tail keywords as they are more specific.
  • Have the right keyword density- Yes keywords are important to use but that does not mean your over stuff them without any relevancy. Make intelligent use of these terms for any type of website content
  • You can also spread out the left over keywords through your site but place them strategically. You can even hyperlink few keywords
  • Keep writing and updated fresh content and try and keep it useful for the user- Content is great for SEO, as long as its high quality and provides good value to users. Thus, create only such content pieces
  • Design you landing page to attract clients more effectively
  • Use social media to your advantage and make profiles on all top sites- The better reputation you have on such platforms the more chances it increases for organic optimization success
  • Remember longer content tends to rank higher as long as it’s good
  • Make use of optimized images
  • Get listed on local directories thus providing the extra leverage to overall online marketing g strategy
  • Be updated on the recent trends and monitor regularly

With these tips along with expert SEO services any small business can look to establish a strong online presence and attract more people towards itself.


Google Adwords’ Recent Changes Put Big Impact On Paid Campaign & ROI

Google is always experimenting and look for an advancement to endow a super search engine experience for the users. But each and everything has its own positive and negative sides which truly impacts on the consequences so we are going to discuss in this blog what are the impact of these changes which have been made by the Google recently in Adwords.

The biggest search engine of the world changed the layout and search results making some changes in both Adwords and Google Analytics, including “mobile first” bidding support and longer text ads and more. In Google performance summit of annual event where key Adwords and Google Analytics customers, new features, product plans, research and more things had been shared. Google Adwords is great for the businesses to sell products.

So the change in Google Adwords is affecting the layout of search results. In the right-hand sidebar, there no any search result will display. About four search ads will display at the top of the search results page above organic search. However, around seven organic search results will be down to paid search results. Furthermore, Google can show sometimes Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in the right sidebar but for all purposes, you can say goodbye to the old right sidebar search results.

What Should We Expect

Google Adwords advertisers should expect an unusual ride in the weeks that has to come because with this move Google has reduced the number of search slots on the results page for up to 11 down to 7. Demand will be high, especially for ad positions 1 4. Advertisers who are looking for this coveted position should pay more as CTR for these positions seems to also be going up onto 14x by some accounts.

So prepare yourself to increase your cost per click (CPC) as demand increases, and be sure that you are assiduously tracking conversion and ROI to ascertain that you are not a loser of these changes. Paid campaigner will be a winner from these changes of Google Adwords Despite doing plenty of SEO work you cannot get high rank overnight but from the bidding and buy a top position from Adwords can get a higher rank overnight

Impact of Paid Campaign PPC

Data across thousands of industry accounts which determined evidently that side and bottom ads account is just about 14.6 percent of total clicks. However, ads in the top get 14x higher click-through rate than the same ad for the same keyword on the right side. While Ads in the top positions get 14X higher click through rate than the same ad for the same keyword on the right side.

We need to know that such changes only will impact on the desktop which now less than half of all searches; So really, this will put an impact on 7.3 percent of queries.

Wait, You should also know that the Adwords ads will continue to display at the bottom of the SERPs. So, now we’re discussing much less than 7.3 percent of clicks being impacted by the change.

Apparently, including the fourth ad spot, and up to three ads showing below the organic search results, that’s the same as we did reorganize the naming of ad positions.

Moreover, two-thirds of SERPs even now have less than four ads above the organic results, so there’s plenty of space to offset those “lost” impressions and clicks.

Also, there are significant incremental advantages for PPC marketers. For example, now all ads may use call out extensions, site link extensions, location extensions that were earlier only a benefit of top  of  page ads.

Furthermore, the ads appear more highlighted and native can prove beneficial for search advertisers, now that many searchers can’t tell the difference between organic and paid results.

Finally, PPC marketers are the winners in this regard. This change solves the top versus side ads issue, where sometimes your ads include extensions, and sometimes don’t.

As far as I can see that no impact on Adwords auction dynamics such as clicks, impressions, CPCs and so on. These changes are well balanced. Yet search ads haven’t seen a noticeable change in cost-per-click:

Changes Will Affect Natural Search and ROI

This change will put the enormous impact on natural search performance. On the computer screen only the first natural search result will display above the fold. Users need to scroll down the screen to get more. That’s why competition would be high to secure first natural search position. Now the chase for this slot will be even tougher from now onwards. Some sites will have to redouble their efforts to get better results of SEO. Hence, the full extent of the impact of this latest Google Adwords change is not clear, so don’t try to make mistakes.

As we discussed that paid campaigners will be a winner side of the changes and for sure they will get high returns from the clicks. Just you have to start tracking your Adwords performance to set up conversion tracking. By this, you will be in a much better position to ensure your Adwords is really driving ROI. So we can assume that paid campaign can be resourceful for your site.


Okay, so this might be a revolutionary change or we will have to see some more changes in the future but accept this as a big change. From my point of view, you don’t need to be panic. As we are expecting this is reasonably well for the vast majority of PPC advertisers will enjoy better luck than before. Obviously, some may be a loser, same things happen with every change, some changes are good some are bad for someone, you just have to give your total to be successful.

Tools That Help Monitor Your Online Reputation

online-reputation-managementWhether you like it or not, what consumers choose to share about your business amongst each other can make or break your chances of success. Are you aware of what the overall perception of your brand is on the internet?

While blogs were conventionally high influencers with respect to consumer purchase decisions, the top place is now taken over by social media networks, where consumers believe that they can find more unbiased information directly from other customers.

Furthermore, they are also able to keep up with the activities of the company, learn more about the products and engage directly with the business.

Having said that, it is evident that establishing an internet presence and executing a successful reputation management strategy is critical the success of your business.

Here are seven tools that will help you monitor the reputation on the internet:

1. Creating Google Alerts – With this tool, you are able to receive email alerts every time your brand is mentioned anywhere on the World Wide Web. By simply setting up an alert based on specific keywords that are relevant to your business and its offerings, you can leverage this Google optimizer tool to monitor your reputation on the internet.

2. Social Management Tools – There are a number of platforms developed for specific or multiple social media platforms that help you track your brand’s mentions and respond to them as and when required.

3. Adopting hasthags that are Branded – With more and more social media platforms such as Twitter, Instragram and Facebook permitting the use of branded hashtags, effective use of them can help encourage a lucrative dialogue and also make it easier to track your mentions. You can also use these hashtags in your blog post to make it easier for readers to mention you when they share your posts.

4. Leveraging the ‘Better Business Bureau’ Profile – This platform is often preferred by consumers who are looking for credibility. From the perspective of business owners, this platform allows you to track the coverage of your business, dispute negative or incorrect comments and find ways to build trust with existing and potential customers.

5. Moderating Comments on Review Sites, Forums and Online Marketplaces – A large number of online shoppers rely on online marketplaces and review sites to learn more about consumer experiences with your brand. It is strongly recommended that you proactively monitor and respond to the comments to make sure that accurate information reaches your potential customers.

6. Investing in a Help Desk System – Employing a community manager or help desk system is a great way to manage feedback and complaints in a systematic manner. Using these systems help establish an organized method for addressing your issues and prevent unanswered or delayed responses. Your community manager can act as the face of your business on social platforms.

7. Monitoring what your Competitors are Up to – Keep a consistent track on your competition’s online activities. Make a note of their successes and their failures and use these lessons to refine your online approach. Doing so will also help you understand how consumers interact with other brands in your industry and what it is that they expect out of your brand.

With these key lessons you will be able to build successful strategies and a positive online reputation.

Building an SEO Strategy – The Goldilocks Way!

goldilocks-three-mugsWhen I was a kid, I used to be very much fascinated by the fairy tale and cartoon characters. I loved the fairy tales and the lovely colourful characters in them. Today so many years have passed, but still I love those stories.

Well why I am talking about fairy tales on an Online Marketing blog? If you analyse deeply; you will realise that the stories we tell and read to the kids have some morals hidden in them that teach them some really important life lessons.

OK then what lesson we got from the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears? As an online marketer, I can say a huge guidance on how to build a good SEO strategy.

The moral that we have learnt from the story of Goldilocks is:

Excess of anything is bad. Everything should be adopted and applied in the right proportion.

The following infographics will elaborate each and every aspect of a good and effective SEO strategy the Goldilocks way:

goldilocks seo

The Essence Of Women!

A woman is a complete package!!!

womenSo Beautiful: To take anyone’s breath away (When she dresses, she dresses to kill)…

So Confident: As to boost any top shot’s strategies…

So Loving: To nurture any child’s dream…

So Emotional: To cry at any Saas Bahu sagas…

So Sporty: To excel in any sport…

So Intelligent: To establish any great business empire…

Yet So Creative: To create a life…

Let me take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Women’s Day

May the glory and glamour of womanhood be abundantly bestowed upon you…


The willingness to listen,

The patience to understand,

The strength to support,

The heart to care & just to be there….

That is the beauty of a lady!

Happy Women’s Day!